Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Scottish Support For Political Prisoners

POW Picket

Saturday 22nd January 2011

Assemble KFC At Forge Retail Park, 1pm

Then To Gallowgate Entrance Celtic Park

''They're In There For Us, Be Out Here For Them''

All Welcome

SSFPP Will Also Be Holding A POW Fundraiser That Night, For More Info Contact - ssfpp@hotmail.co.uk

SSFPP POW Function

Republican POW Function

Saturday 22nd January 2011

Gallowgate, Glasgow

Tickets £7

Starts 7.30pm - Late

Music From - Ciaran Murphy, JP Hannon, A Soon To Be Announced RFB (And Maybe More !)

There Will Also Be A Raffle / Auction On The Night.

Organised By Scottish Support For Political Prisoners

For More Info Contact - ssfpp@hotmail.co.uk

''There In There For Us, Be Out Here For Them''

Saturday, 11 December 2010

SSFPP Condems Arrests Of FRFI Members

The Scottish Support For Political Prisoners today condems the arrests and prosecution of Dominic O'Hara & Johnathon Simmons both activists of the Glasgow branch of Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism ! for peacefully protesting alongside the students against the cuts in Glasgow City Centre on Thursday afternoon, Both were realesed on bail yesterday (Friday) pending a further trial date on 19th January at Glasgow Sheriff Court, We the Scottish Support For Political Prisoners will do all we can to help both Dominic & Johnathon and urge all of our comrades and supporters to do the same !

Monday, 8 November 2010

SSFPP POW Protest 6/11/2010


Scottish Support For Political Prisoners (SSFPP) was set up a few months back by a number of people who thought that the injustices and harrassment of Political Prisoners throughout many places in the World was going unnoticed over in Scotland, and thought that needed to be addressed. Over our short period of time since being formed, already we have done alot of work on behalf of the Irish POWs, Basque POWs, and highlighted situations from Palestine also. This is only the beginning of things to come.We urge all who support justice and equality to help out in any way possible and support Scottish Support For Political Prisoners (SSFPP).

Todays picket is in aid of two Political Prisoners who are being held on trumped-up charges. Below is a little bit of information on their current situation.

Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell was arrested in Lithuania in 2008 for allegedly attempting to purchase arms for Oglaigh na hÉireann (commonly known as the Real IRA) although he maintains he traveled to Lithuania to purchase counterfeit cigarettes and is the victim of a 'set-up' by Lithuanian and British authorities. Michael, whose brother Liam is currently in Maghaberry facing extradition to Lithuania, is from Dundalk Co. Louth and is currently imprisoned in Lukiskes Remand Prison in Vilnius. Michael's current status is relatively unknown; rumors of ill-health extending as far as him contracting malaria have been reported back, and while such information may seem shocking, a relative knowledge of Lithuania's prison system and authorities would easily soften the blow.

The prison is located in the center of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, near the Lukiškės Square. It houses approximately 1,000 prisoners and employs around 250 prison guards. Most of the prisoners are placed under temporary arrest awaiting court decisions or transfers to other detention facilities, but there is also a permanent prison with about 180 inmates; about 80 of them are sentenced for life. The Prison is over a century old and badly in need of investment and repair, built in 1904 it maintains a violent history with Prisoners having been massacred by the Russian NKVD during the German invasion of the Soviet Union.

The Lithuanian prison service and authorities in general are renowned for foul treatment of prisoners and citizens. Lithuania's role in torture is well known, having held several detainees who were rendered from Afghanistan via secret detention centres to Guantanamo bay. One of those "secret" detention centres was outside Vilnius where it is alleged Muslim prisoners were held outside of the legal process, so they could be tortured and in some cases allegedly killed. Media reports on a Muslim woman have come to light suggesting she was psychologically and physically ill-treated by Russian and Lithuanian intelligence agents. She testified on the 22nd July that 3 FSB agents routinely beat her and had done for months. A professor by the name of Rod Morgan who inspected the jail and whose findings were, like that of the Council of Europe Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT), horrendous. Prof. Morgan returned more recently but was denied full inspection of the facility; he met with Michael in his cell and stated that his condition had actually worsened due to budget restraints on the prison.

Michael, according to his family, has been suffering from recent ill health and needed medical treatment after a severe reaction to mosquito bites. Relatives claim Michael's general health has deteriorated since his incarceration in Lukiskes prison which, according to Professor Morgan's report, is damp, overrun with vermin and lacks basic sanitary provision.

Martin Corey

Republican Martin Corey From Lurgan, Co. Armagh was sentenced to Life Imprisonment in December 1973.

He was 19 years old. He spend the next 19 years in jail and was finally released without signing anything, in June 1992.
For the Next 18 years he worked in his own business until without warning on April 16th this year 2010 he was taken back into custody.

No Reason was given to Martin at the time or since his return to jail.

If you're interested in learning more about Scottish Support For Political Prisoners, or are wanting to find out about upcoming events contact us on : ssfpp@hotmail.co.uk